Geneity provides an innovative new suite of e-gaming products built with years of experience in the sector, but re-designed from the ground up to take advantage of the latest trends in the market

  • About Us

    Founded in January 2006, Geneity brought together a group of professional software engineers highly experienced in the e-gaming sector. Comprehensive first hand knowledge of various cultures, trends, regulatory juristrictions and compliance requirements means that Geneity can effectively deliver software and services to the worldwide e-gaming market.

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  • Products

    Our products are built using the most appropriate technologies for the problem. This allows us to develop solutions that are flexible, efficient and easy to maintain and extend. At Geneity we understand that ultimately it is the needs of the end user that drives the demand for a solution. Combining this knowledge with our expertise in delivering highly scalable and secure transactional systems allows us to craft products that perform well and are easy to use.

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